Sunday, October 22, 2017

How to run DOS games in Batocera or Recalbox 4.1

You can run fullscreen DOS games in Batocera or Recalbox (4.1 or newer).
You need copy them like this:
  1. Select /recalbox/share/roms/dos/
  2. Create a folder with the name of the game adding ".pc" (like  galaxia.pc)
  3. Copy all the files of the game to this folder.
  4. Create a dosbox.bat file, these file must content the fullname of the executable file (like GALAXIA.EXE).
  5. Update games in recalbox/batocera menu.
We need repeat steps 1 to 4 for each game we add, and do the step 5 when we finished.
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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Open alternatives to proprietary software (II): Inkscape, the SVG editor

Inkscape is a marvellous softwate to make vertorial graphics, it use SVG open format, a standard than most software manage, including web browsers.
  • Available for multiple operating systems.
  • Very stable and light.
  • Compatible with other software.
  • Manage PDF files.
  • There is a lot of documentation to take advantage of the software.
You can see some screenshots to give you an idea of its possibilities.
Sometime ago, I design a forniture for my home in few minutes.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Manage recalbox from your PC browser: configuration, file upload, virtual remote control and kodi

Recalbox is surprising me every day with its ease of use and power, today I will talk about the wide possibilities of use from your PC browser.

Access to your configuration: http://recalbox.local

You can do here:
  • Configure the Recalbox OS.
  • Upload files dragging them.
  • Monitory the activity and see logs.

Virtual Game Pad: http://recalbox.local:8080 

If you click on Use Virtual Game Pad or input this url in your browser you see an image of a SNES virtual controller you can use like a real one.

You can use it with a mobile phone or tablet with access to your wifi.
Warning: Do not expect a high speed response due to limitations in your screen device.

Kodi: http://recalbox.local:8081 

You are probably asking for Kodi web service, can I use?
Yes, you can, but in recalbox use the 8081 port, and you can access if Kodi is running and the service activated.
So we can access from your PC web browser to your raspberry pi mediacenter, send youtube videos with Send to Kodi or use the mobile like a remote control with Yatse or any similar app.

Advice: If you can't access from these URLs, use your IP instead of recalbox.local

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Add your favorites apps in raspbian aplications panel

You can change your favourites apps in aplications panel editing the file /home/pi/.config/lxpanel/LXDE-pi/panels/panel 

Modify the zone with these line at the beginning:
Plugin {

There must be a content like this:
Plugin {
  Config {
    Button {
    Button {
    Button {
    Button {
Here we define like our favorites apps iceweasel web browser, pcmanfm file explorer, lxterminal and kodi:

You need restart rasbian or at least X server:
sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm restart

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Open alternatives to proprietary software (I): PSPP, statistic analysis

One reason that many users argue for not to leave the proprietary systems and migrate to GNU/Linux is that the application that they usually use does not exist in the free systems ... or so they believe.
In most case there are some alternative free software that do the same function as their private one, but you know the name of the equivalent software, pages like alterativeTo will help you to find the right software.

I start this series talking about PSPP, an stadistics analysis software, than can replace the well-known SPSS with advantages:
  • SPSS great compatibily.
  • Multi-system: works in GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac.
  • You can try it without instalations using this CD-live.
  • You can export to Excel, opendocument (LibreOffice Calc), gnumeric, ascii and several database managers.
  • No problems with number of licenses because is free sofware, save money and avoid problems with backpacks or license servers when network is offline.
  • You can also export to ASCII, PDF, PostScript or HTML.
  • You can get several types of stadistical graphics.
This is a good oportunity to start get rid of that drug called proprietary software.
See wikipedia and the official page for more details.

There is also a lot of courses, books and video-tutorials.

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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Compiling LeoCAD in any GNU/Linux

LeoCAD is a LDraw file editor, a open format to make LEGO(R), TENTE(R), EXIN CASTILLOS(R), etc... virtual models.

I follow this steps to compile Leocad:
  1. Install subversion and the necesary libraries to compile QT code:
    sudo apt-get install git libqt4-dev zlib1g-dev
  2. Download the lastest version of code in a folder, for example $HOME
    cd $HOME
    git clone
  3. Change to this directory, compile and install:
    cd leocad
    sudo make install 
  4. If we use the LEGO library we might launch the software with this command (I suppose you download the library in /opt/ldraw/lego):
    leocad -l /opt/ldraw/lego/
You can also use the Tente® 3D library, then the comand to run might be:
leocad -l /opt/ldraw/tente
If you compile in a raspberry pi, use qmake-qt4 instead of qmake

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Friday, September 01, 2017

How to run CPCXFS under Debian or Ubuntu

CPCXFS is a DSK Amstrad CPC disk image editor for use with emulators, you can:
  • Create new DSK images.
  • List the contents of the DSK.
  • Add, rename or delete files in the DSK.
  • Etc.


Follow these steps in order to install it in your GNU/Linux distro:
  • Add the necessary packages to compile and install:
    sudo apt-get install termcap* build-essential
  • Download the lastest versión.
  • You can uncompress it with nautilus, mc or console with the command:
    unzip -x
  • Compile it:
    cd src
    make -f makefile.lnx clean
    make -f makefile.lnx
  • Move the binary to /usr/local/bin to get available in any path
    sudo mv cpcxfs /usr/local/bin/


You can use this software in the linux console, you can see all the possibilities with the command:
cpcxfs --help

You can see some help files into the zip:
  • cpcxfs.doc: text plain file, you can use your distro text editor.
  • cpcxfs.hlp: windows help file, you can use xchm to read it.
Some interesting examples of use:
cpcxfs disc.dsk -dShow the contents of the DSK
cpcxfs disc.dsk -sShow statistics and technical information about the DSK
cpcxfs disc.dsk -g fileExtract a file from the DSK
cpcxfs disc.dsk -p fileAdd a file from the DSK
cpcxfs disc.dsk -mg file*Extract the files from the DSK acording to the input mask
cpcxfs disc.dsk -mp file*Add the files from the DSK acording to the input mask
cpcxfs disc.dsk -hMore help
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Monday, August 21, 2017

Run old DOS games in GNU/Linux with DosBox

We can run old DOS games and utilities with 'DosBox'


You can install it on Ubuntu or Debian from Linux console with the command:
sudo apt-get install dosbox
Make a folder like $HOME/dosutils, and copy all the DOS software, each program in a separate folder.

To run DosBox just type 'dosbox' and  type this command in DOS console to mount C:
mount c /home/yourusername/dosutils

We can automatize the booting of software with $HOME/.dosbox/dosbox-x.xx.conf config file.

This file have several sections and parts, there are the most interesting ones:
  • fullscreen : DosBOX may boot in fullscreen changing this. You can toogle between window and fullscreen pressing Alt + Enter keys
  • [autoexec] : all the lines you put down of this section with run after DosBOX boot, for example:
mount c /home/yourusername/dosutils
If you see that your game runs more slowly than usual yo can increase the speed with CTRL + F12 keys.

There is a lot of DOS games and general software in public domain, free software, etc... for example Champ Games.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Use multiple virtual desktops in Ubuntu 16.04 with compiz

If you use Ubuntu 16.04 with compiz (gnome-flashback), you will see that you can not use virtual desktops because when you click on it with the right button in the virtual desktop selector to increase the number always returns to have only one again.
To fix it install Compiz Config Setup Manager (ccsm) y vdesk
sudo apt-get install ccsm vdesk
  • Then we run ccsm and select these options:
General ► General options ► Size of the Desktop
(you must press the right arrow to access to this option)
  • Now we can increase the horizontal size.

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How easy things are when you know where to touch!

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Install CPCtelera in Ubuntu

CPCtelera is a low-level C library that makes things much easier for who want to program software for Amstrad CPC. You can add various elements and compile the result directly into a DSK or CDT file, disk and tape CPC images respectively ready to run in a Emulator or burn in a physical medium to execute in a real Amstrad CPC.

 Install it on Ubuntu 14.04 64 bits

  • Go to $HOME folder and download the latest version of CPCTelera source code, just type:
git clone
  • Install all the libraries you need install it:
sudo apt-get install build-essential bison flex libboost1.55-dev libfreeimage-dev wget unzip wine
  • Start the instalation:
cd cpctelera
If you need any other library the instalation tell you in the process.


Read the CPCtelera Reference Manual there are also a lot of videos in youtube but most of them are on Spanish.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Some of the best native games in raspberry pi

Raspberry pi has many leisure options beyond emulators and kodi, for example, you can play many GNU / Linux games that do not abuse graphics acceleration.

I made a brief list of funniest and fluid ones for our little computer, I group by installation method:

From official repositories

These are the game you can install with the command apt-get install name_of_the_game:
  1. Block Attack, rise of the blocks: Very addictive diamond game, it's hard to stop playing.
  2. lBreakOut 2: arkanoid remake.
  3. Epiphany: Boulder Dash remake.
  4. Ltris: tetris clone, very good.
  5. Pingus: lemmings clone, with a lot of improvements.
  6. Xgalaga: kill alien ships game. No rest.
  7. Slimey Volley: simple and funny volleyball game.
  8. SuperTux: like Mario but tux is the main character.
  9. Tux football: soccer game, similar to Goal goal goal or Emilio Butragueño.
  10. Pix frogger: frogger remake.
  11. Minecraft Pi: Minecraft for raspberry pi.
  12. Eat the whistle: soccer game similar to Football Manager or Yoda Soccer.
  13. PySOL FC: 1000 cards games in one, very good and very well documented.

Install the form retropie

You need to use retropie script to install them:
  1. Giana's return: Mario clone with amazing graphics.
  2. OpenTyrian: amazing kill alien ships game, see how install it and configure.
  3. zDoom: Doom adapted to raspberry pi.
  4. Quake III: another first person shoot'em all game.
  5. eduke32: Duke Nukem 3D adapted to raspberry pi.

Manual installation (binaries)

You need follow the author's instructions to install them, compile them is not necessary:
  1. Hurrican: Turrican remake. Pure adrenaline.
  2. Maldita Castilla (cursed Castilla): zombie game similar to Ghost'n'Goblings, master piece and guaranteed fun.
  3. They need to be feed: Amazing game with worlds with their own gravity where you have to feed a dying alien race.
  4. Air Hockey Arcade: you must put the disc into the goal.
  5. Super Crate Box: a game that will not give you a respite.

To compile them

Compiling is very easy following the author's instructions:
  1. Capitan Sevilla, el remake (Captain S): Another recovered classic game. You are the Captain Sevilla trying to prevent the evil Pr. Torrebruno enslaved the city and the World.
  2. Rock'n'diamons: boulder dash clone with improved graphics (download the source code and compile with the command make sdl)
  3. Lpairs: pairs game, you can change the images always with the same format than original ones.
  4. Vorton: Highway encounter remake, recently recovered.
  5. Stepmania: software to use dance mats.
  6. PyDance: another software to use dance mats.

Java games

You only need java in your raspberry to run them:
  1. The abbey of crime extensum: Remake of one of the most successful Spanish games of all time that takes full advantage of the capabilities of today's computers. It takes a while to boot but then it goes very well.

I want more...

This is just a small sample of the number of games that are available for our gadget, for example, I have not put any of the countless table games that work in luxury.
You can see a more extensible list in this thread in official raspberry pi forum.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Super button in Lubuntu 16.04

We want to use the Super key (also known as "Windows key") to access  to Display the lxde menu and avoid depend so much on the mouse and gain some productivity in the handling of the computer.

Just add these lines to ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml file
<keybind key="Super_L">
    <action name="Execute">
        <command>lxpanelctl menu</command>

And it's all OK.

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